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About the Kenosha Ballers

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Kenosha Ballers Basketball Organization is to create an atmosphere where players and staff get a chance or second chance to build or re-build their opportunities to be a part of a professional basketball organization. Teaching the players and the Kenosha  Ballers organizational staff the professional skills needed on and off the basketball court to build a successful basketball organization. Kenosha Baller's owner and managing staff will guide players and basketball staff to build their basketball careers by playing basketball at the highest professional levels possible. 


Tony C. Moore MS, CSAC, ICS, HS-BCP, GPS

Jay Bee Auto Basketball Team went undefeated for 10 consecutive years while playing teams from the Wisconsin Prison System. Jay Bee Auto also went 180-0 in city league play at one point from 1995-2003. Jay Bee re-entered the city league play in the 2005 season after a three-year absence to reclaim the league championship with a record of 20 wins 0 losses. Jay-Bee Auto has only lost six regular-season city league games in the first 15 years, of play for a record of 210-6. In 2010 Jay Bee had seven first-place wins. Jay Bee Auto was also asked to step down from the Kenosha County City basketball League, because of their high level of play. Other teams stated that they would forfeit their games and not play basketball games against the Jay Bee Auto Team.


In 2012 the Jay Bee Auto Basketball Team became the Kenosha Ballers and entered into the IBA Minor League the team went 9-9 in its first season of play and went on to place third in that year's playoff. It was the first time for the IBA that a new basketball team came into the highly competitive league and played so well.


In the Kenosha Ballers' second season, in the IBA league of 2013, the Kenosha Ballers went on to achieve a 10-7 record and a return to the IBA playoffs and finish 3rd in the league. The Kenosha Ballers are now looking to compete in the new IBA-PBL league which is just as tough as the former IBA league.

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