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The Kenosha Ballers went to the Racine Correctional Institution on Saturday October 17, 2015. The game was played as a fundraiser with the inmates contributing one dollar to the event. The proceeds from the game will be given to one of the many churches that support the prison population with religious services. There were as many as 300 inmates watching and enjoying the game. The game was a back and forth contest for three quarters with the inmates having the lead to start the fourth quarter. As the last quarter began, the Kenosha Ballers team began to pull away on our array of shots from the three-pointer line. Thomas Cobbs 40 points and Devron Bostick 32 points led the Kenosha Ballers attack that bust the game open in the fourth quarter. Other players that participated in the game was Brandon Morris 9 points, Quiande Moore 16 points, Damon Osborn 19 points, Oreyanta Young 6 points, Jerry Ingram 9 points, Kentay Varnell 6 points, and Timmothy Baines. The final score was 137 Kenosha Ballers 113 Racine Correctional Institution.


The Kenosha Ballers organization of Kenosha WI., officially became a Semi-Professional Basketball team as of January 2012. In that short period of time we have reached the Finals twice and looking to take the championship this season. We are a team that has played together over the past 20 years helping well over 200 youth and adult basketball players.  


On behalf of the Kenosha Ballers Basketball team of Kenosha WI., we the coaches and players humbly ask the basketball community, friends, and fans that are familiar with the impact and success of our basketball team for monetary support as we go into another season. This request for donations is to help the team handle continuing rising cost with transportation, uniforms, gym rentals, and entry fees.


We are asking for your support of $100.00 or more or whatever you can give to aid in this worthwhile endeavor.


The Kenosha Ballers’ players and coaches have made a serious impact on the Kenosha Community by participating in community events and local fundraising events in the surrounding areas.  One of the players Brandon Morris created “Next Level Basketball Camp” which helps to develop our youth and high school player’s basketball skills from Kenosha, Racine, Waukegan, and North Chicago.


The Kenosha Ballers, seeing that something positive needed to be done concerning our youth violence in the city during the summer along with the decision of city officials to take down the basketball rims at Lincoln Park, one of the largest parks in Kenosha, decided to offer free home game entry for our youth if they would declare that they support peace throughout Kenosha.


As always your donation will allows us to offer a second chance to these young men to play basketball at the highest level available to our local basketball players.


In addition, fans will get a look at high level semi-professional basketball and be able to see young men getting a chance to fulfill their dreams of playing big time organized basketball.


Please donate below or call Tony Moore with your donations if planning to contribute to this project.


Birds of a Feather, Inc. is a 501c(3) agency and is co-sponsoring the activity. Donations are tax deductible. Make checks payable to: Birds of a Feather, Inc. c/o Basketball League.


Tony C. Moore MS, CSAC, ICS, HS-BCP, GPS Clinic Director 6530 Sheridan Rd. Suite #3Kenosha, WI. 53143 Phone (262)605-1444 Fax (262)605-1404.

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