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About Coach Tony Moore

Coach Tony Moore is the Kenosha Ballers Head Coach and also the founder and executive director of Birds of a Feather, Inc. and Moore and Assoicates, Inc. 


As a recovering ex-offenders, Tony is dedicated to the successful reintegration of offenders into their home communities. Tony is available for consultation and speaking engagements by request. Donations to Kenosha Ballers are accepted and Mr. Moore is also available for speaking events. Donations are used to support the development and continuation of the Kenosha Ballers program and recovery-based programs.


Coach Tony Moore was also given the IBA 2016 Fall League General Manager of the year and the Community Service Award for his efforts with services to Local communities surrounding Kenosha, WI. The coach and the Kenosha Ballers were able to win back-to-back IBA Championships.



Coach Moore on winning second consecutive IBA Championship, "Coming back from half time with a 15 point lead during the championship game, I reminded the team that either we could be a part of a defining moment or we could create a defining moment in time for ourselves. No one could ever deny the Kenosha Ballers were a great challenge; to whomever, they played, from all around the country. We are now back-to-back IBA Champions who went from a recreational basketball team that played for fun, to a professional powerhouse basketball team that plays for crowns. God, this is a great story!"


3rd place League

1st Place finish

IBA 2016 Spring Championship

IBA 2016 Fall Championship

Back to Back Championship


Thank You to the Fans Letter from Coach Moore


Now that a couple of days have come and gone since the Kenosha Ballers won the 2016 Spring & Fall IBA Basketball Championship, it has begun to sink in that having a dream turn into a vision is an awesome process. I prayed many of nights to reach the highest height of my potential in all that I do in life to bring hope to others. To know that the impossible is possible with God. To have won what most people thought was beyond my abilities as a Coach, back to back, and to take Adult Men and a small but willing staff of Djs, cameramen/women, video men/women, concession people (my grandchildren), and scores table and lead them to victory against every odd imaginable as a basketball organization. We took an idle thought and transformed it into a physical organization (The Kenosha Ballers). I watched as players/men created a culture of expectation and winning; I could see growth at every level. The process I had heard so much about as a young man was unfolding right in front of me, the Coach and the role model to many of these young players/ men. I thank you for trusting and taking this journey with me. To the Kenosha Ballers players, staff, and the fans from all over the county and especially MY CITY, MY HOOD, and MY BLOCK Kenosha Wis. Thank you Jesus for without you none of this is possible. Thank you All.


Tony C. Moore MS, CSAC, ICS, HS-BCP, GPS, Clinic Director


Devotional books written by Coach Moore


The Workbook for the Devotional books
written by Coach Moore

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